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  • Nov

    As the world continues to suffer post recession the numbers of smart phones sold still keeps rising bucking the trend across the board with other electrical items and gadgets. The long awaited iPhone 5 is an awesome piece of kit but packs a whopping price. Even the Galaxy S3 weighs in with some serious cost and some buyers are finding themselves priced out of the market as they seek other option or mobiles on credit.

    Mobiles on credit are a new phenomenon and it does not seem that long ago you could get a phone for free on most tariffs but phones are no longer phones, they are tiny PC’s with email and cameras built it. They cost more and with falling line rental charges and free internet the networks have to make their margin on the cost of the smart phone.

    It appears you cant walk done a high street anywhere without bumping into one kind of  mobile phone shop or another but it wont before long when pay weekly mobiles are more common than pay as you go.

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  • Apr

    One option you can look at is getting a second line on your account to save some money on your phone bills. Many airtime providers now offer the option of a second number and choosing the right tariff for you could just open up a new world of options with regard to your calling plans.

    Cheap calls evenings and weekends might not be the best thing for your business tariff but makes sense if your are seeing that your off peak calls are starting to creep up a bit. Often the cost of a second line is very low and if your provider can throw in some free or discounted calls into the plan then its often a great option.

    The other alternative is a second sim card. This is particularly useful if your provider wont offer you a second line or you want a second private number. Many manufactures are now starting to offer dual sims phones and with roaming costs under the spotlight the is the fastest growing sector in the mobile phone market. Phone are not really any dearer but the choice is rather limited currently. That and the fact that the battery life ( two line = twice the power consumption ) is about 36 hours only means many people are still put off buying dual sim phones but you should not be.. I noticed that the prices on AMAZON.COM for US readers are really low so have a look and see for your self.

    The final option you should defiantly look at is whats app , its a free messenger service similar to texting but it uses your data plan so cost nothing. Its been around for a few years now and with over 10 million downloads ( its free) its just another way of cutting your phone bills down to size..

    If you are in Europe I found these dual sim phones on

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  • Feb

    Motorola Apple Mobile Phones While Apple celebrates its success in the retail sector, its battles off the high street and in the courtroom are heating up. Not only is Apple embroiled in patent disputes with Samsung, the Korean manufacturer: Now it has set its sights on Motorola phones, the firm recently taken over by Google.

    Motorola Mobility has filed a lawsuit against the Californian technology giant accusing Apple Inc of infringing copyright patents. Motorola have now decided to step into the ring and are taking on the giants regarding the iPhone 4S and Apple’s iCloud service. The lawsuit they have filed concerns Apple’s perceived violation of six of Motorola’s patents in their iPhone 4s. It is linked to the external antennae – redesigned after “antennae-gate of the iPhone 4 to improve connectivity – and how music and media is stored on the iCloud remote service. Papers filed in Florida are a response to an earlier patent case brought by Apple against Motorola.

    It has been suggested Motorola have only opted for the legal option after they were bought out by Google. Apparently no mobile manufacturer can engage in any lawsuit around a patent without Google’s approval. It suggests the Android merchant is up for the fight. And why not? Apple’s sales figures were impressive in the fourth quarter of 2011, but they were close. The iPhone 4S was released at the beginning of that final quarter of the year. Their sales figures in that period marked Apple as the top smartphone vendor worldwide. They had lost out to Samsung in the previous quarter as the Korean technology firm became the market leader, shipping nearly a billion smartphones during the year and topping the popularity charts month in and month out with the Samsung Galaxy S2. Apple’s loyal followers bided their time and bought the iPhone 4S, breaking and setting new records. Apple shipped 37 million smartphones in the months from October to December. Those figures are up 128% from the previous year.

    Cause for champagne certainly, but it can’t be ignored that Android is catching up, and while Apple once had the unfettered dominant position in the mobile phones market, especially in the UK, now it has to look over its shoulder. This might be legal papers filed in the US but it shows Apple is not afraid of a fight and while it is winning the battle on the high street, it may believe it can also consolidate its position by winning in the courtroom as well.

    Motorola CharmWhat does this mean for UK mobile shoppers? Well nothing much really. It provides fodder for bloggers and technology journalists but until there is a major win from one side or another in a British court it is unlikely to impact what UK consumers can buy on the shelves or online. It shows more clearly that both Android and Apple believe the smartphone market is there for the taking. Competition is fierce and both sides want to be the winner. Competition means one thing for consumers; reduced prices. So while the lawyers on both sides will be making money from the on-going disputes, the consumer could well be saving it.

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